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What size skip should I order?

It can be hard judging the volume of rubbish you create and how to best fill the skip, without it overflowing.

For advice on choosing the right size skip please call us.

Please Note:

So that we can make sure that your skip can be seen at night on the highway, lighting for roadside skips is available at an additional fee. Roadside permit applications are charged at an additional fee including a small administration fee, on top of the hire of the skip. This will vary between each local Council. Please see each Councils website for further information.

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16 Yard Skip

Holds approximately 160 bin bags

This skip would be ideal for a house refurbishment.

Available as lockable / enclosed skips

12 Yard Skip

Holds approximately 110 bin bags

Ideal for a demolition work and bulky materials.

Available as lockable / enclosed skips

10 Yard Skip

Holds approximately 90 bin bags

Ideal for hardcore and refurbishments

8 Yard Skip

Holds approximately 75 bin bags

Ideal for heavier materials such as hard-core, soil and clay.

6 Yard Skip

6 yard skips hold about 55 bin bags.

3,4,5 Yard Skip

Holds approximately 35 bin bags.

Where shall I store the skip?

The best place to store your skip is on level ground such as your driveway.

If you don’t have the room not to worry, we can apply for a roadside permit outside of your home. (Subject to Local Council’s terms and conditions)


How can I prepare for the skip delivery?

  • Keep the area that the skip is to be placed clear from obstructions.
  • Ensure that the ground is level and safe to hold the filled weight of the skip.
  • Place plywood or something similar on the ground to protect your driveway/ land.
  • Check if where you want the skip to be placed on the road falls within a CPZ zone.
  • Apply for a bay suspension from your local Council if required – unfortunately we cannot apply for the bay suspension on your behalf. If you want to check the local Council for any postcode then visit
  • Let us know if you need a roadside permit as we can do this for you. Please note all skips placed on the public highway will require a permit from the Local Council. The application for a roadside permit can take between 5 – 10 working days.

If you need further advice please call and speak to our friendly team.

What should I not dump in the skip?

At WD Skips we take great pride in the fact that approximately 90% of your waste can be recycled by using licensed waste transfer sites. For the remaining amount this is all taken to licenced waste disposal sites.


We do however ask that the following items are not placed in our skips


this is classed as controlled waste and needs a specialist licensed waste carrier to remove and dispose of this. Please see the Environment Agency for further information:

Fridges and freezers

The refrigerant gases need extraction to stop our ozone layer being destroyed

Electrical goods or batteries

TVs, computers etc need special recycling – take to your council recycling centre or the store selling you the replacement


Must be kept separate form all of your other waste and will be charged at a separate rate. This is because it is sent to a specialist recycling facility.


Can be taken away for an additional fee.


Leave these with the fitter selling you the replacement – but we can take them for a small extra fee (but not all skip companies will)


Solvents, engine oil, petrol, diesel, explosives, gas cylinders, clinical / medical waste